The Magic Paintbrush


A poignant story about a boy who uses a magical paintbrush to help everyone in need around him. The boy faces a unique challenge when a greedy and selfish man tries to make him use the paintbrush’s magic to get rich.

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In this ancient legend from China, a young boy who loves to paint receives a magic paintbrush.  As part of the magic, he must use the paintbrush only to help people in need. When a greedy man tries to get rich from the boy’s paintings, the boy finds a clever way to get rid of the greedy man and continue to help everyone in his village.  Through the story, we learn how stand up for what we believe is right.

The Magic Paintbrush is fully bilingual with translations presented on each page to support language learning. At the end of the story, vocabulary quizzes and in-depth questions are presented in both languages to encourage further reflection about the story and support extended language practice. Beautiful illustrations throughout make this a delightful reading experience that will keep children coming back again and again – in either language!

Also available by subscription with bilingual audio on StoryWorld’s digital language-learning platform at:

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