500 Parasols


Five hundred children gather under their parasols to decide what their “greatest gift” should be for a wise man.  After noticing how their parasols protected them from sun and rain, they decorate the parasols as their gifts .  When they meet the wise man, all the parasols come together as one beautiful giant canopy. 

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In this ancient story from Asia, children gather to think about what would be their greatest gift.  After weathering the hot sun under their parasols, and after being protected by the cold rain under their parasols, they decide their greatest gift is right above their heads. In the end, they discover the magic that happens when they all join together.

500 Parasols is fully bilingual with translations presented on each page to support language learning. At the end of the story, vocabulary quizzes and in-depth questions are presented in both languages to encourage further reflection about the story and support extended language practice. Riveting illustrations throughout make this an entrancing reading experience that will keep children coming back again and again – in either language!

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